●Teacher of philosophy
●PhD student and researcher at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fes


●My approaches to teaching philosophy:
-Emotional involvement approach: Socrates made emotional involvement an important condition for learning. He said “how do you expect me to teach them when they don’t love me.”
-Cognitive approach: my objective is not to make the learners memorize information, but to make them able to produce it using philosophical thinking skills such as questioning, debate and mental exercises. In this regard, Kant says “you cannot learn philosophy, but you can learn to philosophize.”
-Realistic approach: using students environment and context in order to elicit and question them. There is no philosophy in history without a social cause or burden which the philosopher carries.


PhD student and researcher at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fes
● Some of my published researchs are:
– Equality in Feminist Philosophy (published in the Jordanian magazine “Afkar مجلة أفكار”
– Towards a Cotemporary Definition of Justice (published in the Moroccan website “Kowa كوة”
– The Making of Love (published in the Qatari Institute “Believers without Border مؤمنين بلا حدود”
– The Concept of Will and its Relationship with the Practical Mind (published in the Moroccan website “Kowa كوة”
– The Cause of Women and the Need for a Philosophical Thinking (published in the Qatari institute “Believers without Borders مؤمنون بلا حدود”